Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Overallotment: April 15

  • Must read: NYSE chief cautions over low-volume March rally (FT, hat tip Jonah)

    "“The real money investors are still waiting. I think they’re waiting, they’re watching. They want to make sure that what we saw in March is real. And I think once they are convinced you will know it. The market will have a totally different tone to it.”

  • Sound familiar? US foreclosure filings jump as moratoriums end (Reuters, hat tip Infiniti)
  • China economy expands at slowest pace in a decade (Bloomberg)
  • GM to finally study dropping Pontiac, GMC... when it should have studied this 4 months ago (Bloomberg)
  • Capital One credit card losses exceed US unemployment (FT)
  • Delphi faces deadline on GM aid (NYT)
  • Fear, greed driving gun sales up (WSJ)
  • Joe Steinberg of Leucadia, and Gary Convis of auto pennystock Dana love their private jets (NYT)
  • AIG nears key $2 billion disposal (FT)
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