Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Frontrunning: April 15

  • CPI below estimates at -0.1%, down from 0.4%, ex food and energy unchanged at 0.2% from prior month: so much for inflation (Bloomberg)
  • Sam Zell says commercial real estate values doe 30% (Bloomberg)
  • Goldman Sachs and Merrill: did December ever happen? (Dealbook)
  • Hedge fund manager found guilty in New York state pension fund probe (NYT)
  • Playing the second derivative (Morgan Stanley)
  • Yet another bankruptcy watch list (MSN)
  • UBS bleeding to death: bank to eliminate another 7,500 jobs as loss widens on withdrawals (Bloomberg)
  • Robert Shiller: Depression lurks unless there's more stimulus (Bloomberg)
  • Merrill chief of M&A Alan Hartman leaves for Centerview Partners (Bloomberg)
  • Harvard to cut Arts and Sciences budget by $220 million in endowment crunch (Bloomberg)
  • China headline news: derivatives trading restrictions, ad market shrinks, low Q1 GDP growth expected (Caijing)
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Anonymous said...

Anyone else have an office pool betting that TD is totally hawt?

Anonymous said...

Banks Ramp Up Foreclosures

Anonymous said...

Abbott Revenue Misses Estimates on Generics, Economy

Anonymous said...

"Depression Lurks Unless There’s More Stimulus: Robert Shiller"

I wonder if he had to pay a birth tax for his new ETF....

The Tax: Talk up more more stimulus.