Friday, March 27, 2009

Overallotment: March 26

  • Alles ist gut in China, except for those pesky missing profits (Bloomberg)
  • ...While its central bank governor says Chinese recession recovery greatest thing since slided bread (Bloomberg)
  • Top Swiss banks execs banned to travel abroad (FT)
  • More ruminations on the Cinderella market (WSJ)
  • ...and while alles ist gut in the U.S., nobody knows where the money really is (WSJ)
  • GM to reveal VP3 or version 3 of its bailout plan as taxpayers' fund the defunct company's life support (FT)
  • MGM Mirage deathwatch: Citycenter hires Dewey & LeBoeuf ahead of likely Friday bankruptcy (WSJ)
  • More Geithner plan graphics (FT)
  • ECB to join BOE in direct market corporate bonds purchases (WSJ)
  • Japan not happy with North Korea's nuke flyovers (Bloomberg)
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Anonymous said...


"Alles ist gut in China"

Now Tyler, we all know .gov is the only group of thugs allowed to lie while reporting the "facts".

Anyone else tries to borrow .gov's techniques and they are guilty of crimes against humanity, and terrorism!

Good grief! Your bias is showing, cover it up, please.

Anonymous said...

Tyler - know where I can find up to date info on open short interest? I imagine Trim Tabs is fairly pricey...