Friday, March 27, 2009

Frontrunning: March 27

  • Must read: The silent coup d'etat by the finance industry (Simon Johnson, former IMF, The Altantic)
  • So now he loves them? Obama seeks support from JPM, GS, Citi on bank plan (Bloomberg)
  • ...and: Obama back banks, seeks to block fair-lending probe (Bloomberg)
  • Top risk officers remain at AIG (WSJ)
  • Krugman: The market mystique (NYT)
  • Henderson: Did Fed cause housing bubble (WSJ)
  • Buiter: Moral hazard lite and strong (FT)
  • Smith: Deconstructing the senile former Fed chairman (Naked Capitalism)
  • Greenwald: comparing the U.S. to Russia and Argentina (Salon)
  • China stock optimism overdone according to Morgan Stanley (Bloomberg)
  • Tension builds at Nomura over Lehman bonuses (Reuters)
  • How will cities in 2100 look (McKinsey)
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Anonymous said...

"China stock optimism overdone according to Morgan Stanley"

The Chinese Ministry of Truth has stricken the words/phrases "profitability," "loss," "consumer confidence," "domestic consumption" and "sneezing panda" from the lexicon and replaced it with the all-ecompassing phrase "The Stimulus Plan."