Sunday, March 22, 2009

Weekend Reading

    • The Big Takeover (Rolling Stone)
    • Krugman: The Zombie ideas have won (New York Times)
    • Ken Rogoff: The worst is yet to come (PBS)
    • Jeremy Bulow: Fix the banks by focusing on liabilities not assets (Vox)
    • Buiter: The fiscal vacuum at the core of the Eurozone and the fiscal abuse by and of the Fed (FT)
    • The bailout bomb (Time)
    • A thinking man's guide to populist rage (Newsweek)
    • Madoff employee breaks the silence (Daily Beast)
    • Soc Gen executive bow to public pressure, drop stock options (Bloomberg)
    • Obama to call for executive oversight at all companies (NYT)
    • In London, the hangover is setting in after the party ends (Reportonbusiness)
    • California's unemployment rate rises to 26 year high (Bloomberg)
    • Thousands of angry workers take to the streets (IPS)
    • Obama will not accept Geithner's resignation (CBS)
    • Half of the U.S. autosupplier industry faces bankruptcy (Reuters)
    • Inside the world's largest hedge fund, Bridgewater Associates (CNNMoney)
    • Weekend chartology:

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    Sam said...

    "AIG is what happens when short, bald managers of otherwise boring financial bureaucracies start seeing Brad Pitt in the mirror"

    LOL. Everyone is beginning to realize who Cassano is. Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy ;)

    dashingdwl said...

    Weekend reading should include all Market Tickers: