Saturday, March 28, 2009

Saturday Spreads

  • Soros: Britain may have to seek IMF rescue (TimesOnline) [Who is rescuing the IMF?]
  • FSA Stress Test shows Barclays does not need more help... until it does (FT)
  • Obama desperate for bankers' help (Bloomberg)
  • Kenneth Lore: A lawyer's outlook on the PPIP (Bingham McCutchen)
  • Bank failure #21 for the year costs FDIC $320 million (FDIC)
  • Hungary in leadership vacuum as prime minister remains unfilled (Reuters)
  • Goldman Proxy reveals some shady dealings (FT)
  • Maguire Properties sells Irvine office complex to botox-maker Allergan (LATimes)[MPG has $260 million of debt maturing in 2009]
  • Americans go foraging as recession deepens (Reuters)
  • Bank of America bankers to see 70% increases in base pay (Bloomberg)
  • America's liberals lay into Obama (FT)
  • ... As Bank of America is named defendant in a lawsuit against Agape Capital ponzi (NYT)
  • China seeks G-20 currency debate over weakening dollar (Bloomberg)
  • James Saft: The world is stuck with the dollar (Reuters)
  • As the charade of the March 31 deadline approaches, automakers set to leech more taxpayer money (Reuters)
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