Friday, March 27, 2009

PPIP: The Long View

The below piece, courtesy of Gorelick Capital, nicely summarizes the bull view on PPIP. The reasoning by author Chris Skardon is likely shared by the markets, at least over the past week, when no good news was too little, and no bad news was possible. While ZH agrees in principle with the near-term benefits and has in fact discussed these in length, it is the PPIP in context that should be considered, and just what the ramifications of the context leading to over 10 trillion in incremental US debt are, will be topic for the next post...

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GS751 said...

Very interesting. ZH your great for posting this stuff. I've learned a lot.

Donald Pretari said...

An excellent post. One of the very few on the PPIP so far. Of course, that means that I tend to agree with it, especially as to whether or not banks will sell, and the conclusion is fair and basically what I believe. Thanks. Good work.

Don the libertarian Democrat