Monday, March 23, 2009

Frontrunning: March 23

  • Treasury releases details on Public Private Investment Program (USTreasury)
  • As Europe refuses to follow in US' footsteps and boost stimulus (WSJ)
  • The financial crisis in 27 visualizations (Flowing Data via Naked Capitalism)
  • Hungarian forint tumbles as prime minister retires amid "unfathomably huge" recession (Bloomberg)
  • Krugman: "Obama's Cash for Trash plan fills me with despair" (NYT)
  • AIG's rivals claim company has an unfair advantage (WSJ)
  • A sober view of QE and the bond market (Acrossthecurve)
  • ING asks employees to return 2008 bonuses (Bloomberg)
  • Cramer's troubles spreading: 6% of TheStreet employees laid off Dealscape)
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