Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Overallotment: March 24

  • More way to game the bailout game (Breakingviews)
  • Ray Dalio's view on the toxic asset plan (Reuters)
  • Japan exports plunge record 49% despite 15% market rally (Bloomberg)
  • Credit Suisse joins the year-to-date profitable bank club, asks for permission to raise equity (WSJ
  • A little more on China's call for a reserve currency (Bloomberg)
  • Ehud Tenenbaum hacked banks for over $10 million (Wired)
  • Pension glut lies at heart of Hungarian crisis (WSJ)
  • Czech PM joins Hungarian colleague to be booted in span of two days, Koruna to tumble (Bloomberg) [two main eastern european prime ministers gone in two days]
thanks to gabriel for the generous donation
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Anonymous said...

i love it how the chinese are turning more keynesian than the west.

face it suckas, they can do capitalism better than you.

watch it and learn (or weep)
your choice

Anonymous said...

Romania keeps it's Baa3 rating as IMF pumps $27 billion usd into this dying patient.

Anonymous said...

I think China has to keep it's peg to the USD that it gave up a couple years ago or accept the devaluation of billions in T-bills that they have accumulated.

"Life is an accumulation of anguish", Chinese proverb?

Anonymous said...

Is your black money safe from inquiring minds?

New IRS reporting requirements make it a felony to park in the shadows.