Thursday, March 19, 2009

GE Chimes In: To Be Profitable In Q1

Cheerleader rally just got the delta force reinforcements... So when is the last time anyone cared about Reg FD... Or capitalism...

Notes from an investor presentation going on right now:
Notes difficult market expected for 2009... pockets of increased liquidity for consumers and mid-market business... industry losses continuing... delinquencies and non-earnings assets pressured in both Consumer and Commercial... says very difficult to execute asset sales in todays market but believe TALF will help.
Company also says:
  • Liquidity position extremely strong;
  • Has enough capital to weather adverse economic conditions
  • GECC CP balance about $60 billion in February
  • Sherin doesn't see need to raise outside capital (didnt want to leave Vik, Ken and Jamie alone)
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Caz said...

And yet stock only up 2.5%. Seems people aren't buying the news.

Meanwhile, squeeze on Citi in full force. Stock up 14% as I write and was up 24% earlier.

Anonymous said...

Hey T - FYI, dealers having a call to discuss CEM removal from HY12 and replacement - details to follow.