Thursday, March 19, 2009

AG To Release AIG Bonus Recipients' Names "Diligently, With Care, Reflection, And Sober Judgment"


I have received the list of AIG FP employees who received retention payouts. Mr. Liddy testified in Congress yesterday that he intended to comply with our subpoena and expressed concern for employee safety. Mr. Liddy has in fact now complied with the subpoena. We are aware of the security concerns of AIG employees, and we will be sensitive to those issues by doing a risk assessment before releasing any individual’s name. The Attorney General's Office is a law enforcement agency and is experienced in making these assessments.

As we perform our review, we will simultaneously be working with AIG over the next few days to determine which employees received payments and which chose to return the money they received.

The Attorney General's Office will responsibly balance the public's right to know how their tax dollars are spent with individual security, privacy rights, and corporate prerogative.

At this moment, with emotions running high, it is important that we proceed diligently, with care, reflection, and sober judgment.

We thank AIG for their compliance.

Coupled with the punitive bonus tax bill just passed, which likely has a much wider provenance than merely AIG individuals in the way it is worded, and Bush's crackdown on terrorists is starting to look like a joke.

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Anonymous said...


The 9/11 terrorists only did damage measured in the billions.

Anonymous said...

At what point will these AIG execs say this isn't worth it, let that tax cheat Geithner unwind the derivative book?

Anonymous said...

Sober Judgment: buy stocks.