Sunday, March 15, 2009

Six Flags Retorts

As Zero Hedge prides itself on its objective pessimism, I wanted to bring to your attention an email received from the PR department at Six Flags in response to ZH's post from Friday, commenting on the company's long-term prospects, especially in light of recent market levels of SIX's publicly traded securities.
Dear Tyler,
In case you may have missed it, I thought you would like to see the story below and linked here <> from Saturday’s New York Times, which puts into context the story about the Six Flags debt restructuring.

I thought it important for your readers to know that the restructuring, while serious business, in no way affects our daily operations. Companies like ours all over the United States are restructuring their debt and keeping their doors open. In fact, we’re actually in better shape than many other companies that continue to operate through the process. Last year, for example, our revenue went up five percent to $1 billion and our operating income grew to $144 million.

We’ve got more than $200 million set aside for operations, we’re hiring full staff at all of our parks and we’re planning some bigger attractions this year than ever before, so our guests can expect to have great experiences again at our parks in 2009. As our CEO Mark Shapiro has said, the restructuring is a “back-of-the-house” issue that won’t affect our ongoing service to guests.

Please feel free to contact me if you have questions or need more information.


[Edited out]
Six Flags Inc.
As the author of Zero Hedge has often been accused of having the intellectual capacity and emotional maturity of an angry, nihilistic, chain-smoking teenager, and personifying himself as such, he is fully aware of the niche that Six Flags fulfills in the entertainment industry and thus hopes that the company's "back of the house" restructuring issue is promptly resolved and thrill seekers continue enjoying hydraulically launched, magnetically accelerated roller coasters all the while sipping on $15 cups of diet coke. Sphere: Related Content
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Anonymous said...

didn;t rham emmanuel make his money post WH @ Wasserstien Perrella...must be chance?

Anonymous said...

i'm downgrading them to 5 flags.

Anonymous said...

Tyler, print out the letter. You could probably get a season pass........ If they're still open.