Monday, March 16, 2009

Overallotment: March 16

  • At the heart of the Eastern European inferno: UniCredit SpA (Bloomberg)
  • More on MTM manipulation and the stupidity of TALF (Naked Capitalism)
  • Cheerleading the losing game: Obama's rating slips (Bloomberg)
  • Lazard auctioning two of Lehman's bank units (Reuters)
  • Pandit's adjusted 2008 comp: $2.9 million (NYT)
  • Angela Merkel taking Eurozone into her own hands... and creating headaches for Obama (Bloomberg)
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Anonymous said...

Highlighting the Eastern European inferno would be great reading.

It would be nice to see those dominos fall before we get hit with the fallout.

Anonymous said...

today is an impt day for equities...lots of resistance around 767-770. If we slide today, could get ugly back down to 700

GestaltU said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
GestaltU said...

Hey Tyler, how would you interpret this chart from the NAR?

Housing Affordability Index

I've been a housing bear, but this chart offers compelling evidence that a housing bottom may be imminent!

Tyler Durden said...

i think the inventory chart is still a little more relevant