Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Overallotment: March 18

  • WSJ and Reuters finally wake up to the Citi arb blow up, with words like Volkswagen thrown in. Also, 76.1% of lendable shares on loan (here , here and here)
  • More on Operation Twist 2.0 (Reuters)
  • Some more rosy numbers about hedge fund redemptions (Bloomberg)
  • Ed Liddy wants some AIG bonus money returned (WSJ)
  • All is good at GECC.... No really...Obama will confirm it on Leno tomorrow (Bloomberg)
  • Bring on the criminal investigations already (Naked Capitalism)
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Anonymous said...

I know at least 1 major broker that has had plenty of shares of C to borrow all week.

The story that it went hard on Monday is not quite accurate, at least at my firm. Cost of borrow was high, but nothing like the 100% or 200% quoted in stories.

This could change, but as usual, reporting is suspect.

Anonymous said...

Implications of reverse split?

Anonymous said...

trading halt pending news

Anonymous said...

Naked Short selling brought down Lehman! Yea right. Bring on the regulation.

Anonymous said...

Tyler, can you explain something to me? I'm a finance novice, so this may be a silly question, but is the TALF essentially a loan from the government to buy asset backed securities? And if so, aren't asset backed securities the reason we're in this mess? And if so, why would the government be encouraging more purchases of asset backed securities?

Again, I'm a novice, so I must be missing something here.

Anonymous said...

STFU novice, goto: and ask your blithering noob questions there!

Anonymous said...

golly, that'll learn me to ask silly questions. Anyone else have a more intelligent answer?

Everyone's a tough guy over the internet. If you'd like to meet face to face to discuss this, I'd be more than happy anonymous.

Anonymous said...

Hey T,
Any update on the disinformation campaign? Who is it? Markit?

Inquiring minds.....

Anonymous said...

Yea ok Novice. How 'bout we meet over at and you can beat me senseless with your financial wisdom with your other peers.

Ever hear of Google? Do your own homework ya lazy intellectual dim-wit. Or are you too busy gettin' pumped-up at the gym.

Anonymous said...

bravo! Again friend, anytime anyplace. That is if you can tear yourself away from your world of warcraft for a few minutes.

Anonymous said...

Let's give you a good username, shall we?

Please choose one of the following:






Anonymous said...

In honor of the Lenten season, I'm going to defuse this confrontation and take a more Christian approach. Turn the other cheek and all.

So for my anonymous foul-mouth internet commentator, I say the following:

1) I'm sorry you feel that the only way you can feel dominant is through an internet chatboard.

2) I'm sorry you don't get laid.

3) I hope you make it to level 3 mage on world of warcraft.

4) I'm sorry you're alone.