Friday, March 20, 2009

Frontrunning: March 20

  • Citi CFO Crittenden becomes chairman of winding down division Citi Holdings, Ned Kelly new CFO (Reuters)
  • Bonus tax has left Wall Street scrambling for the exits (Reuters)
  • IMF says US stability plan is worthless, lacks "essential details" (FT)
  • A "sober" look at GECC's sad state of affairs (Bloomberg)
  • Thomas Frank picks up where Jon Stewart left: Financial Journalists Fail Upward (Huffington)
  • TALF will be ground zero for next round of rating agency abuse (1440 Wall St)
  • In times of crisis, Russians drink... milk (Moscow Times)
  • China aims to increase gold output by 3%, government will encourage industry consolidation (Shanghai Daily)
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