Saturday, February 14, 2009

Weekend Reading

Stimulus bill caps banker bonuses to 1/3 of total comp, compliments of Chris Dodd (NYT, Naked Capitalism has great comment on this)

Berkshire Hathaway propaganda - first Warren, now Charlie Munger on restoring confidence... After S&P drops another 300 points it may well be Becky Quick (Washington Post)

How the crash will reshape America (The Atlantic)

Skyrocketing unemployment poses threat to global stability (NYT)

Weekly Chartology:
  • Lending Standards Loosening
  • Surging new debt issuance:
  • Corporate spreads starting to fall:
  • $2.1 Trillion in total losses from credit cycle (per Goldman)

  • But only $1 Trillion has been recognized

  • GS S&P500 Next Twelve Months P/E ratio and tradiling 10 year average
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LetUsHavePeace said...

Mr. Munger's history lesson omits a few facts. One, the bipartisanship of the Marshall Plan was founded on the fear of the Comintern controlling Western Europe; opposing communism was and is "moral" but it was not the act of secular humanist selflessness that Mr. Munger suggests. Two, most of the money spent on the Plan was for the purchase American manufactured goods and farm products that were shipped to Europe. The Plan was a continuation of Lend Lease and New Deal agricultural price supports through government purchases. Truman's unexpected success in the 1948 election was attributable in large measure to the appeal of the Marshall Plan with farm state voters. When voters discovered that most of the money was going to the comparatively few people who had the right political connections, the Democrats were savaged in the 1950 election. Let us hope that this part of the past is repeated.

Advant Guard said...

Peer Steinbruck is going to be sorely disappointed when the U.S. recovers quicker from this crisis than Europe does. All those who call for a quick demise of American dominance underestimate the resilience of the American economy and the American people.