Monday, February 9, 2009

Late Monday Headlines

Financial Bailout expected to have revised "Bad Bank" after all (CNBC)
Based on details coming out that presentation, the plan calls for:

  • Some $100 billion will be committed to new capital injections.
  • Another $100 billion will go to the Federal Reserve's TALF program.
  • And $50-$100 billion on housing measures, as expected.
Good summary of Obama's stimulus speech (AP)
GM's last ditch effort to avoid bankruptcy (FT)
Yahoo! Finance Deathwatch: 15 companies that may not survive 2008 [Yahoo is not here?](Yahoo)
China inflation drops to 1%, but higher than 0.8% expectations (Bloomberg)
Ukraine asks for $5 billion loan from Russia to cover budget deficit [good luck] (Moscow Times)
Kuwait may get back in Dow/Rohm and Haas deal, more $$$ for Paulson (FT)
Insider trading in Russia finally to be considered a crime (Moscow Times) Sphere: Related Content
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