Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Early Feb 10 Headlines

  • JPM expects prime-jumbo mortgage losses to double (Bloomberg)
  • Obama leaves no room for failure in stimulus plan (WSJ)
  • NYT agrees with our requirement for more bailout plan clarity (NYT)
  • Record SFr20 billion loss for UBS, to keep investment banking (FT)
  • Aozora Bank forecasts $2.1 billion loss, could put last nail in Cerberus' coffin (Bloomberg)
  • Andrew Ross Sorkin's amusing Q&A list for Wednesday's banker Congressional hearings (Dealbook)
  • Moody's predicts 16.4% high yield default rate by November from 4.8% in January (Fox)
  • Kuwait Investment Authority has lost 40% of its $5 billion investment in Citi and ML (Bloomberg)
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