Monday, February 9, 2009

Early Feb 9 Headlines

  • Stimulus package contemplates total $9.7 trillion of U.S. Taxpayer money (Bloomberg)
  • How government, not Lehman, created the financial crisis (WSJ)
  • Step by step guide to stimulus bill's life over next few days (Reuters)
  • How banks will likely lose $8 billion on Lyondell bankruptcy (Bloomberg)
  • Barclays proudly discusses how it got away with daylight robbery of Lehman assets (Bloomberg)
  • Bond investors calling the Fed's bluff (Naked Capitalism)
  • Will GM and Chrysler finally be put out of their misery? (Bloomberg)
  • Blankfein doing the media spin on MTM while hoarding Level 3 (Bloomberg)
  • Bailout plan will rely on private money (NYT)
  • Appliance maker Whirlpool with big Q4 revenue miss (Bloomberg)
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