Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Early Feb 11 Headlines

  • Roubini more on the N-Word, or N-Process as he calls it (RGE Monitor)
  • Buffett's infinite investment horizon in need of lengthening (Bberg)
  • Wall Street CEOs face grilling today (Reuters)
  • Geithner ducks key questions, markets make him pay (Bberg and NY Post)
  • European banks may be forced to report every week (DealBook)
  • McGraw-Hill does not like criticism of its S&P unit (The Big Picture)
  • Stock buyback halts will spell more trouble for Wall Street (Reuters)
  • Harvard endowment sold 67% of U.S. stocks held in Q4 (Bberg)
  • Pimco sold Treasuries in January, bought MBS, starting to get very nervous (Bberg here and here)
  • Tontine's amusing latest position update (Market Folly)
  • Comic relief: Geithner-Volker pep talk "transcript" (Bruce Krasting)
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srik said...

i guess its geithner and volcker.. :)

Tyler Durden said...

tough to not think of the two stooges as a unit