Monday, February 2, 2009

Lehman Bankruptcy Judge James Peck Arrested for Beating Wife

The stress of the "biggest bankruptcy in history" and all those fee applications must really be getting to him.

CNBC reports he was arrested Saturday at his Park Avenue apartment on attempted assault and harassment charges. According to the misdemeanor court complaint filed by Peck's wife, Judith Peck, the "open-handed" slap caused "substantial pain" in her jaw. Peck, who also overaw the liquidation of Bernie the original ponzmaster's estate briefly before the case was transferred to Judge Lifland, was arraigned Sunday in Manhattan criminal court and released without bail after being told to return to court March 16. Hopefully there is no hearing scheduled in his bankruptcy court docket for that day.

This should make the bankruptcy case really interesting.


this coming out from

Peck allegedly told police that the blowup began over his wife’s late arrival at the house from the Hamptons, where she’d been earlier in the week.

Peck said his wife slapped him first, as he was taking a ladder out of his closet.

“She slapped me,” the judge told police, according to the sources. “I put the ladder down. I slapped her. Then we started slapping each other back and forth.”

Remorse apparently set in quickly for Peck, when he told cops, “I will never do it again. We need to go to counseling.”

Apparently Peck has no clue what a bitch traffic can be from the Hamptons to New York, especially in winter, and more especially in the worst recession in 60 years... Good thing there were no snow delays or he might have used the ladder itseld to teach her to be late. Good thing this guy who is supposed to equitably liquidate $150 billion of Lehman debt is so keenly aware that one's social status only goes up by engaging in slap fests with one's wife.

****Update 2****

Bloomberg is reporting that there is a high chance that Peck may be suspended by the chief bankruptcy judge or the top judge in his federal circuit, according to Nancy Rapaport, a law professor at UNLV (I thought they only had basketball professors there). "If judicially disciplined, his cases will be reassigned." This can not be good for parties involved in the Lehman Chapter 11 case as it would likely take any new judge months to just get up to speed on this monster of a bankruptcy case. Sphere: Related Content
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Jr Deputy Accountant said...

Oh if ONLY this would be Mr and Mrs Bernanke, I think this story would be absolutely *perfect*

"slapping each other back and forth" ha. FABULOUS