Wednesday, February 4, 2009

$254 Million Loan BWIC due Thursday

Another credit fund liquidating? BWICs are in vogue yet again (click here for what these are). The most recent one is a $254 million BWIC that has a bid submission deadline at noon on Thursday. Good mix of credits here, we list the 5 largest in declining order:

Visteon - 6/2013 Term Loan: $10 million
Zuffa - 6/2015 Term Loan: $5.9 million
Newport TV - 9/2016 Term Loan: $5.6 million
Lifepoint Hospitals - 4/2012 Term Loan B: $5.2 million
Premier DEntal Services - 7/2013 Term Loan: %5.1 million

Looks like another smallish credit hedge fund's forced dismantling by some prime broker. If you got the cash - bid 'em low. Sphere: Related Content
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