Monday, February 2, 2009

Update on Geoffrey Raymond's Artistic Trek Thru The Depression

As we have pointed out before, one of the best artistic investments in this depression is possibly the artwork of Geoffrey Raymond. The genius behind the annotated Fuld is still selling relatively cheap, and who would think twice before throwing $30k to own such a unique piece of modernist scand-art as the annotated Madoff.

Raymond it seems is a pretty good predictor of Wall Street blow ups, having had Fuld's expressionistic face in hand at 745 Seventh Avenue the day Lehman went under. We are currently on the front line bid list for the Annotated Citi. As Geoffrey, who apparently shares our sense of gallows humor, puts it:

"And, of course, there's Vic Pandit:

(Note the lack of annotation... yet)

We're holding him in abeyance, waiting for CitiGroup to simply blow the hell up. I figure if I can finish "The Annotated Citi" (above, almost done) and "The Annotated Fed 2" (a portrait of Tim Geithner, not even started), it'll be all I can do to wait until the weather's above 50. At which point I'm gonna march through Wall Street like Sherman's march through Buckhead (and the rest, presumably, of Georgia)."

Zero Hedge will of course be there for this historic event. And we are getting impatient: the sooner Citi blows up or is nationalized, or whatever it is that the powers that be decide to do to "save the financial system", the faster Vik can get his annotation, and begin accreting in value for future generations of communists who will one day wonder who were the culprits for the demise of capitalism. Sphere: Related Content
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