Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Full Madoff Client List Released, Published Here

Late Wednesday, Manhattan Bankruptcy Court released the full list of Madoff "clients" who have lost money with the ponz. List can be downloaded here. The list, prepared by AlixPartners, has 162 pages of 84 single-space lines identifying all the victims. We won't disclose any names for privacy reasons (which is probably counter intuitive as this list is public domain now), but readers will be surprised by some curious revelations. Also, a free subscription of trader daily to whoever find the Russian mobsters referenced by Makropoulos. Sphere: Related Content
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David Allen said...

I think The Ponz should be capitalized....that's awesome

Anonymous said...

Wheres the list?

Anonymous said...

Where are the Russian Mobsters?

They are not stupid enough to put their money in the US under their own names.

You have to look under Bank Medici and others European funds of funds and investment houses. There are good reasons if Sonja Kohn made herself very sparse in the first weeks after Le Scandale Madoff surfaced.