Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Baxter Comes Up With Swiftian Solution To European Financial Fall Out

While Bernanke mumbles and stumbles, at least one American company is coming up with unique solutions to the fallout of the European crisis. Apparently Baxter's Austrian division sent out vaccine samples contaminated with deadly bird flu virus to laboratories in Czech, Slovenia and Germany. One can hope the following statement from Austrian Ministry of Health spokesman Sigrid Rosenberg is true:

“This [vaccine] was infected with a bird flu virus,” Rosenberger said. “There were some people from the company who handled it. They went to the hospital and were tested and were cleared. There have been no infections.”
This has promptly escalated and the World Health Organization is "aware of the situation and is consulting with the ministers of health of the countries involved to ensure that all public risks arising from this event have been identified and managed appropriately."

Nothing like a little mass extermination to resolve a financial crisis. Conspiracy theorists are happy to point to the global flu epidemic of 1918 as the last great example of some creative use of mass extermination as an economic stimulant. Sphere: Related Content
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Anonymous said...

And don't forget that the Black Death in Europe greatly increased living standards and made the Renaissance possible ;)