Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Late Wednesday Headlines

  • Capmark in default, hires Lazard to restructure balance sheet (PR)
  • Lyondell fails to win DIP approval, hearing to pick up Thursday morning after profuse objections (Debtwire)
  • Citi to announce agreement with government on Thursday (Reuters)
  • One perspective of the government's Prime Brokerage program aka TALF (Credit Writedowns)
  • As government focuses on D(efault)-3, auto-suppliers on "cusp of cataclysm" (Washington Post)
  • Mass extermination alert: now Novartis' meningitis C vaccine contaminated with Staph (Sky News)
  • Nassim Taleb's take on the flawed banking bonus system (FT)
  • Worst year ever at Conde Nast (NY Post)
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