Thursday, February 26, 2009

Early February 26 Headlines

  • Durable Goods: -5.2% vs -2.5% consensus, Jobless Claims: 667k vs 625k; Continuing: 5112k vs 5025k
  • More black hole... er bank rescue funds allocated as budget deficit hits $1.75 trillion (WSJ)
  • John Paulson "bearish on economy, bullish on opportunities ahead" (Bloomberg)
  • Shocker: GM posts $9.6 billion loss as sinking sales outweigh government benefit (WSJ)
  • Sears profit down 55% after holiday sales plunge (Bloomberg)
  • What Ken Lewis should expect in his interrogation today, from an insider's perspective (Clusterstock)
  • Revolt at UBS: CEO Marcel Rohner replaced with Oswald Gurebel (FT)
  • Banrey Frank alert: Bank of America sponsoring The Scream (AIC)
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