Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Former Head Of Credit At UBS Chris Ryan To Join Moelis

Ken Moelis is an unstoppable force. The legendary former head of IB at UBS, who started Moelis & Co. in 2007 has been on an unprecedented hiring spree. And seeing how he is one of the very few banks not printing red, he has been able to pick the top talent left and right. After executing a wholesale poaching of Jefferies' entire restructuring group in 2008, his latest hires include two credit titans, including Chris Ryan who used to be the former head of credit fixed income [ed. isn't that kinda redundant?] at UBS and is currently in the process of migrating over, close on the heels of the hiring of Bear Stearns' former head of leveraged finance capital markets Dom Petrosino in January.

Ken - IPO already. I need at least one long position in my portfolio. Sphere: Related Content
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