Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Early Feb 25 Headlines

  • Roubini: Banks Need Temporary Nationalization (RGEMonitor)
  • Ukraine rating cut to CCC+ by S&P (Bloomberg)
  • Pound's slump may destabilize British economy, Eurozone (Bloomberg)
  • College fund-raising outlook darkens (WSJ)
  • GM bankruptcy fees to top $1.2 billion (Bloomberg)
  • AIG Asia yet another source of lack of bids (FT)
  • Iron Lady's financial advisor says more bank nationalization inevitable (Bloomberg)
  • Lyondell pushes for largest ever DIP approval despite paradoxical objection by creditor (Bloomberg)
  • Citi may sell Nikko Cordial (Reuters)
  • Visteon warns of possible loan default on sales plunge (Bloomberg)
  • Carlos Slim buys another 150,000 NYT shares, whopping 5,000 SKS shares
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