Monday, June 22, 2009

Frontrunning: June 22

  • Wallgreen's conference call: Consumers shopping closer to payday, saving more, using less credit
  • Insiders apparently don't watch CNBC, don't smoke greenery, as they sell shares at fastest pace in two years (Bloomberg)
  • The truth - Nobody has any idea what is going on: World Bank, Roubini see pain, IMF, Soros see recovery (Bloomberg and WSJ)
  • And... World Bank cautions against recovery talk - does this mean 10 year sabbatical for CNBC (Telegraph)
  • Once a $250 billion company, Nortel set to generate less than $2 billion for its assets in liquidation (WSJ)
  • Absolute credit bubble peak: XM Sirius to sell $350 million in totally toxic garbage notes (WSJ)
  • Things in Iran are getting worse (Bloomberg)
  • More people talking their book (pretty much everyone these days): Richard Branson says BA may not survive recession, should not be saved (Bloomberg)
  • Here comes Obamacare: If not Hillarycare then what (SSI)
  • Brown Brothers Harriman: Inflate this (BBH)
  • Bloomberg declares war on Albany (NY Post)
  • It's time to end the grotesque fiscal bailouts and grapple with reality (Telegraph)
  • How to get the Fed out of its box (WSJ)
  • Weekly economic forecast (Wachovia via RCM)
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