Thursday, May 14, 2009

Overallotment: May 14

  • As ZH anticipated, the BGI troubles are much deeper than expected. Barclays urgently selling quant fund BGI, government darlings Blackrock and BONY in line to gobble it up (Bloomberg)
  • Obama says U.S. long-term debt load is unsustainable (Bloomberg)
  • GM says Chrysler-like deal best bankruptcy option (Reuters)
  • Foreign direct investment in China tumbles on crisis (Bloomberg)
  • The global financial crisis in pictures: the beginning to the end... and back again (Good)
  • Communism special: private trucker YRC Roadway to seek $1 billion in bailout funding (WSJ)
  • Speaking of communism, four more insurers to get to get TARP funding (Bloomberg)
  • Two employees probed for insider trading at... SEC? (Reuters)
PS - One of these days I need to find a corporate sponsor who is willing to underwrite the overallotment option. Would ML's REIT team be interested? Sphere: Related Content
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