Thursday, May 14, 2009

Frontrunning: May 14

  • Weil: Goldman pays greenmail to make snoops go away (Bloomberg)
  • Wholesale prices rise 0.3% in April, higher than 0.1% consensus (Yahoo)
  • ECB policy makers clash over bond-purchasing less than a week after Trichet-engineered truce (Bloomberg)
  • GM to pay suppliers a week ahead of filing for bankruptcy (WSJ)
  • Glencore said to agree to $5.5 billion loan refinancing (Bloomberg)
  • Earmark nation (WSJ)
  • California is a complete basket case, treasurer requests TARP fund, LA mayor declares emergency (Mish)
  • Regulators seek Trace-like reporting for CDS and other OTC derivatives (Bloomberg)
  • Card check and gut check (WaPo)
  • A carelessness now bordering on lawlessness (IBD)
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