Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Frontrunning: May 12

  • Was it a sucker's rally? (WSJ)
  • Stress testing Obama's facts (WSJ)
  • U.K. pub tenants held "hostage" as beer prices, rents increase (Bloomberg)
  • Citi using most of TARP capital to make loans (Reuters)
  • Ford selling new shares "in show of strength" (WSJ)
  • Paul Krugman says V-shaped recovery priced in by market, extremely unlikely (Bloomberg)
  • Advanta shuts down credit-card lending amid surging charge-offs (Bloomberg)
  • The real problem with credit cards: the cardholders (Time)
  • Bank of America to take Merrill public? (The Deal)
  • David Geffen offered to buy NYT stake at market, Falcone wanted premium (Reuters)
  • Curve watching beats room full of economic forecasters (Bloomberg)
  • Is the tailwind becoming a headwind? (Big Picture)
  • Bernanke says U.S. banks must test more to identify other risks (Bloomberg)
  • More on the smart/dumb money issue (Technical Take)
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