Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Overallotment: May 12

  • US AAA credit rating at risk, former GAO director claims (Reuters)
  • GM sinks to fresh low as Chapter 11 looms (FT)
  • Social Security, Medicare will be depleted much earlier than expected (Bloomberg)
  • Airbus orders nosedive, profit tumbles (Daily Telegraph)
  • What foreclosures? After brand spanking new megaloss, Freddie Mac net worth is below $0 (FT)
  • FDIC planning for huge bank failure? (The Pragmatic Capitalist)
  • U.K. unemployment jumps to 13 year high (Daily Telegraph)
  • Taylor says Fed may not have much time before rate rise needed (Bloomberg)
  • US foreclosure program may be insufficient (FT)
  • AIG trustees should answer to taxpayers, not Fed (Bloomberg)
  • IMF urges stress tests on European banks (FT)
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