Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Frontrunning: April 7

  • RBS to cut 9,000 jobs worldwide (Bloomberg)
  • Toxic assets are priced correctly claim Harvard and Princeton professors (Clusterstock)
  • Commodities may gain 20% by October, U.S. Global says (Bloomberg)
  • How not to price toxic bonds (Barron's)
  • Trump finds more money to burn, to "invest" in Yellowstone club (WSJ)
  • What a 25% bear market rally will do: Americans more optimistic about economy since Obama took office (Reuters)
  • Default rate surges to highest since great depression (Bloomberg)
  • Richard Parsons: bankers being vilified (NY Post)
  • Economy falling years behind full speed (NYT)
  • In defense of derivative products (WSJ)
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Anonymous said...

I do morning recaps for institutional equity clients and its hilarious that you and I usually end up with the same stories to start the day. Nice work

Anonymous said...


Could you imagine! Trump sleezing up a beautiful gem like Yellowstone. This country is doomed.


___ said...

funny that protesters can get so close to blankfein such little security govie wants the protesters in there

Anonymous said...

"Commodities may gain 20% by October, U.S. Global says"

its painful how predictable dedicated-bear sites like ZH are.

short US equities - long commodities and china. blah blah blah. all day long. thats in addition to every sell sider on the planet that happens to be bullish on energy long-term. zh and every other clown saw how fast and steep oil went up and now everyone wants a piece. this is worse than wanting cisco to go back to $200, circa 2002.

one of these days they'll realize that position isn't contrarian any more. but by the time they switch...once again it will be too late. and that, is the definition of "dumb money."

Anonymous said...

amen anon. i hope zh burns in hell for the malicious truth it spreads. i have told tyler many times that to attract the smart readers he needs to imitate the great bullish thinkers on cnbc word for word. up until then i suggest we both boycott the site