Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Goldman Sachs To Sue

The fine legal people of Chadbourne & Parke who we assume are Goldman Sachs' external counsel, have nothing better to do with their time than to pursue cease and desist orders against none other than the owner of GS critical websites and Goldman's claim: "It has been brought to our attention that you are making unauthorized use of the mark GOLDMAN SACHS in connection with your domain names."

Zero Hedge is scrambling to find who has intellectual property rights to the words Zero and Hedge and are praying that we have not disclosed any horrible truths about them.

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Anonymous said...

i am writing this because it used to say '0 comments' and this violates my exclusive right to the numeral 0.

Anonymous said...

They need to just change the web site to, people will know who they are referring to.

Anonymous said...

I do this litigation all the time. Tyler, if you can hook me up with these people we can take them to town. Fuck GS.

Clotario said...

Baloney. They haven't a prayer....but the good people at Chadbourne & Parks can throw a bill for a few more hours at GS!

The best thing the site owners can do is send that paper into the round file.

Anonymous said...

And guess who is paying Chadbournerne & Parks for this waste of time?

If you answered TARP (taxpayer's money), you got it right!

Anonymous said...

Dish out them horrible truths! I've got all night.


blazin blankfien said...

since they had such a good guess on the last one, maybe they should change it to to match the next 'bottom' (with GS's help of course).

backgammon said...

I just checked and the domain name is still available for these guys if they wish.

Anonymous said... needs to give us another name to look for in case those bastards at ultra rich GS take you off line. This site makes me sick........took all our money out of GS in 2007 after BAD experience...they are the DEVIL incarnate.

Brian said... I suggest you get some TARP money to fight these guys off. LOL

Anonymous said...

Perhaps someone should inform the Goldman board and whomever controls their lawyers about McDonald's pyrrhic victory in the McLibel case:

Goldman makes me want to McPuke.