Tuesday, April 7, 2009

According To Bartiromo AA Beats On Revs And EPS

Ironically the company missed on both if someone actually bothers to read the press release and stick to facts.

Some rhetoric from Klaus Kleinfeld, discussing such philosophical topics as "population megatrends and environmental stewardship."
“While our financial performance in the quarter was adversely affected by the economy-driven drop in demand, we launched operational and financial measures that will significantly improve our profitability and cash flow in 2009 and beyond. In fact, they have already begun to have an impact in the first quarter,” said Kleinfeld.

“We also see both near-term and long-term catalysts that should improve the prospects for the aluminum industry,” said Kleinfeld. “Current stimulus programs that target infrastructure and energy efficiency will create a demand for the unique characteristics of aluminum – lightweight, strong, durable, recyclable, and conductive. Longer term, the global megatrends of population growth, urbanization, and environmental stewardship will all drive demand for aluminum as the economy improves.”
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MrWolf said...

Yes, I didn't really understand their analysis either.

"It wasn't as bad as we thought...they missed estimates...but not by as much as we thought they would..."

Shouldn't those thoughts be included in the estimates?

Anonymous said...

Someone keeps spraying RoundUp(TM) on the green shoots of recovery.

Anonymous said...

Not true, Oregon Guy...

MON said they expect RoundUp sales to fall.

I think someone forgot to dillute the Ambush(TM).

Anonymous said...


Who care about accuracy! Cramer is ringing the opening bell tomorrow morning. woot!