Wednesday, April 8, 2009

March Wholesale Inventories: -1.5%

The good news: wholesale inventories at -1.5%
The bad news: wholesale inventories at -1.5%

Estimates were for a -0.7% decline. January was -0.9%. Yes, the thesis goes we need inventory clearance to buy new inventory (cap goods), however it could also mean that inventory are merely getting cleared out...period... and nothing is replacing them, strangling economic output. Sphere: Related Content
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James said...

I do a fair amount of shopping online for clothes and have noticed that inventory has gone down a lot. New items just arent coming in as fast

Anonymous said...

Congressional Panel Suggests Firing Managers, Liquidating Banks

April 8 (Bloomberg) -- A congressional panel overseeing the U.S. financial rescue suggested that getting rid of top executives and liquidating problem banks may be a better way to solve the economic crisis.

qadi said...

I see the barges sitting there on the Hudson along the west side highway.

epic fail