Monday, April 6, 2009

Frontrunning: April 6

  • S&P 500 can't see enough money to feed stocks' rally: Must read (Bloomberg)
  • Mike Mayo says bank loan losses will exceed great depression levels, slashes bank sector ratings (Bloomberg)
  • Deflation in Europe accelerates (HT reader anonymous: Bloomberg)
  • Evans-Pritchard: Swiss slide into deflation next chapter in global crisis (Telegraph)
  • Tim Geithner brings the Enron Death Star strategy global: Must read (Rortybomb)
  • IBM - Sun deal talks stall (FT)
  • At D.E. Shaw, Larry Summer worked just one day a week (NYT)
  • Altman: this will not be a normal traditional depression (FT)
  • Implications of copper's declining demand (Bloomberg)
  • Samuelson: China engages in dollar deception (WaPo)
  • Putin plans $90 billion stimulus plan [ed. where is all this money coming from?] (Bloomberg)
  • Japan: time for return to QE [oh whatever, let's just all print money] (FT)
  • Another opinion: Greenspan not to blame for housing crisis (Forbes)
  • Largest winning streak since 1933 (B.I.G.)

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Anonymous said...

I wish you would have saved the initial story.

S&P 500 can't see enough money to feed stocks' rally: Must read

Currently @8:34am it has been pulled.

Anonymous said...

Anon: I can see the story (now as Update 3). Buried at the bottom is a note that:
"The decline may force banks to increase loan-loss provisions and write down the value of commercial property loans, which Citigroup, Bank of America and JPMorgan are all carrying at 100 percent of face value, according to estimates in a March 24 report by Richard Ramsden, an analyst at New York- based Goldman Sachs Group Inc." Good thing they suspended mark-to-market last week!

Anonymous said...

Bloomberg story is now gone again with a note saying "STORY TO FOLLOW. Last Updated: April 6, 2009 09:37 EDT" WTF?