Monday, March 16, 2009

American Express CEO Made $27.3 Million

The chief executive officer supervising the portfolio of fastest growing credit-card delinquencies was paid a total of $27.3 million in 2008. His packages consisted of:

- $1.25 million base
- $10.2 million in stock awards
- $7.9 million in options
- $6.1 million in non-equity incentive pay
- $640,711 in pension value change
...and amusingly $1.2 million in "other compensation" which included $874,047 of "perquisites" such as $134,299 in local travel benefits (that's a lot of subway rides) and $414,702 for personal aircraft use (you are only a baller if you charge the 1 hour NetJets flight to your Centurion).

His comp is well-deserved (at least on a relative value): AXP has fallen "only" 66% in the past 12 months, compared to such other comparables as Citi (-87%) and AIG (-97.8%). It is interesting if American Express is the credit card of choice in congress and the administration... that would provide some explanation for why Cuomo and Frank haven't gone all "fraudulent conveyance" yet on his backside. Sphere: Related Content
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Nooyawka said...


Your websites takes my poor old computer so long to load that by the time the webpage comes up three more companies have filed for BK. Maybe it's me or maybe it's all those fancy things you are loading. Some of your pages look very authoritative BUT take forever to come up.

PS I loooooove this site and don't wanna hafta give it up. You do a great job. Maybe if you hire one of your neighbor's teenage kids she could clean up this problem.

Tyler Durden said...

alas neighbor's teenage kids work at AIG and are getting paid a cool million.

Nooyawka said...

Ya'mean you can't pay them $2m? Awww, don't be such a scrooge.