Friday, January 9, 2009

Wall Street's diarrhea shi(f)ting to Park Street er... Avenue

One can follow the daily creation and destruction of wealth simply by looking at the constantly shifting landscape in New York. Could Ezra Merkin's recent fall from grace, from the top of GMAC, and potentially from duplex 6/7B spell some days of uncertainty in this otherwise inperturbable bastion of high money, 740 Park. This castle of financial fortitude has boasted amongst its residents Rockefellers, Kennedys, Bronfmans and Saul Steinberg (never said it was scandal-free). Curiously, one may wonder what other champions of capitalism currently reside within its walls... for A notable figure in the HF community, who shall remain nameless but who has been rumored to himself have certain dabblings in the world of beginning P and ending in onzi, can be located on over 20,000 sq. feet in another duplex, at twice the altitude that Ezra sniffs Park avenue's rarefied air (is this a "my ponzy is bigger than your ponzi" pissing contest?).
A very definitive list Michael Gross has done a great compendium of all current residents and can be accessed here.
We shall see how New York's otherwise stiff as a TARP injection co-op boards handle the upcoming wave of Page 6 worthy scandals.

Apt 14A-B
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