Friday, January 9, 2009

Bulumics Can Not Save Fake Sugar from Chapter 11

If only sugar free meant debt free... In sweet vindication for fat people everywhere, Merisant today filed for bankruptcy. The maker of Equal and Canderel fake sugar sought Chapter 11 protection. The Pegasus Capital portfolio company (hm... another obesely levered PE casualty, who'd a thunk it) was "weighed down by too much debt". Too bad there is no such thing as debt-free capitalization additives. And since the company's employees are probably not too amused by fat jokes right now, we at Zero Hedge wish them a speedy recovery to a trim debt-for-equitized state. Svelte restructuring investment bankers are already sharpening their pitch books with the hopes of if not getting the advisory assignment, then at least obtaining a goody bag of 0 calory Sweet Mate (TM) for those 3 am book binding sessions.
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