Friday, January 9, 2009

...But Can Lose Even More Weight By Walking There

Is Business Week merely slapping the faces of all those investors who in recent weeks bought a slew of follow-on stock issued by airline companies (probably the only companies raising capital in the past few months as $35 barrel/oil will undoubtedly last forever), or are they on to something in prediciting the wholescale demise of the industry as we know it. Opinions differ, with some saying airlines EETC's, bank debt and stocks are screaming buys to those who can't wait for the next $20 intraday crude bounce (without a subsequent $40 pullback). Names picked out of the liquidation hat include US Air, Air Canada, Air Tran and JetBlue. Nobody knows the final outcome, but if the recent adoption of an 8th seat across a 737's aisle by discounters to fit all the non-users of Equal is any indication of increasing load factors, it may be some time before we all have to use Greyhound to get to the bi-annual Big Swinging Dick retreats with our Yale lacrosse buddies. Sphere: Related Content
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