Saturday, January 10, 2009

Timmmmmmmaaaayyyyyy.... reincarnated

Yep folks, the man, the myth, the my-mom-does-my laundry womanizer may be gone (only temporarily - you can't get rid of Tim Sykes... something about weeds or cockroaches), but his spirit lives on. Just click here:

The Hedge dream is so engrained in the DNA of 21st century BSDs that "no" is not an answer. Seems "Thresher Global Management" consisting of two 25 year-old harvard graduates, one of whom has 2 years extensive experience in a Fort Lee Private Equity firm while the other worked 2 years in a PE firm in Guatemala City, will take the world by storm as the dynamic duo "business acumen and successful track record will speak for itself in attracting new investors". The secret to this new 2 and 20 bonanza's success: "The volatility in the stock is a "boon" to Thresher, which expects to concentrate on taking long and short positions on investments."

Brilliant, where can I sign the subscription docs?
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