Saturday, January 10, 2009

I Am The Retarded Plebs' Smirking Revenge

Just as our funny-speaking cousins 3 hours east of us (via Concorde; probably more like 15 hours if using one of American Airlines' retrofitted B-707 with almost two wings and a fully operational engine, and that includes the 8 hour unairconditioned tarmac wait at JFK and Heathrow) thought that the Waxman witch trials would be confined to the likes of Jim Simmons and Phil Falcone (whose wife Lisa has given over $111,000 in political donations in 2008 and prudently hedged (one would say much better so than her husband in the last year; Lisa is listed as "homemaker" on her political donation records, and what a home it is... maybe it is only fitting that it used to house Penthouse honcho Bob Guccione previously, keeping in mind the hits one gets when the name Lisa Falcone is referenced in IMDB) equally between Democrats and Republicans, throwing money away in the losing presidential campaigns of both Rudy Giulliani and Chris Dodd), the tables turn, and the most prominent reps of London's oracular class are suited to be cross-examined by the Commons Treasury Committee, the local equivalent of public semi-lynching, On January 27. Among HF managers expected to say nothing relevant are Paul Marshall of Marshall Wace, Doug Shaw of Blackstone, Chris Hohn of The Children's Investment Fund and Crispin Odey of Odey Asset Management.

In what has become a traditional pin the great depression on the rich HF dude spectacle, 14 or so Members of Parliament, led by undisputed genius John McFall who still refuses to speak to the FSA for daring to lift the ban of shorting financial stocks, will ask stupid questions and get answers in kind.

Seems Britain is at a loss for creating its own political/financial drama and so just tries to replicate Big Brother: Wall Street. Up next - the UK version of Sir Bernard Madoff, to be followed by the first African-American er... English king in history.
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