Monday, March 23, 2009

Is JP Morgan Buying A Private Jet Hangar?

Not if you believe Reuters, but where there is smoke there is usually fire. According to an earlier report by ABC News, the house of Dimon was fully intent on shaming Vik's Cititanic and his meager attempt to buy one lowly Dassault Falcon, by purchasing not only two Gulfstream 650 jets but also a hangar in which to house these new acquisitions at Westchester airport! The total cost: $138 million. JPM spokesman Joseph Evangelisti firmly denied that this was going to happen... at least until JP Morgan repaid all TARP funding. At that point, JPM will fully exploit its brand new garage space and load up on those 2 for 1 specials that Textron and all other desperate jet makers are clinging to these days.

Good to know whatever bankers remain at JPM will not only not have to take the tunnel to Tetterboro, but have two brand spanking new jets waiting to cart them off to the zero remaining corporate clients they have left. Sphere: Related Content
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OhmeOhmy said...


OH! What a question for "Tyler Durden" to ask??

How the jet sharing clause in your contract structured?

Are you guys at JPM going to buy up any of the toxic treasures?? Duh!


Anonymous said...

bro, your spiel wasn't funny the first 50 times. let it go already

Anonymous said...

zero hedge is getting dismantled by today's rally, i have a feeling.

Yawner said...

JPM with 0 corporate clients? Where, pray tell, are these corporate clients going to go? Last time I checked, corporate clients were fleeing TO JPM, not fleeing from. Unless you are suggesting no corporations will be left.

Anonymous said...

Can't you hyperlink these stupid PDF files so they don't slow the page loading.

It's slow enough as it is..