Saturday, July 18, 2009

Saturday Readings

  • A fitting end to the Porsche soap opera: Volkswagen buys the company for €8 Billion, Wiedeking out (Reuters, WSJ)
  • CIT limps into weekend, seeking lifeline (NYT, WSJ and Bloomberg)
  • California's budget gap won't close for long (Reuters)
  • Shake up at Fortress: Fannie's Mudd to replace Edens (Bloomberg)
  • The great bank earnings that weren't (Motley Fool, h/t Robert)
  • Charlie's story - a pugnacious pundit Wall Street can't ignore (FT, h/t Janet)
  • Boeing engineer passed secrets to China (Guardian)
  • Orwellian moment of the day: Amazon erases Orwell books from Kindle (NYT)
  • A modest proposal: make banker bonuses payable in electric cars (Daily Finance)
  • Larry Summers cites Google search as progress (Politico, h/t Vaughan)
  • Two more banks added to FDIC closure list, hundreds more to go (MarketWatch)
  • How to be a day trader (Telegraph)
  • Day trading: "I lost £200,000 in a day" (Telegraph)
  • Unemployment map of England (Guardian)

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