Friday, July 17, 2009

Frontrunning: July 17

  • Horrendous GE numbers, expect a whole lot of nonsense from CNBC today - here is also why GE Capital is praying for a CIT bankruptcy (Bloomberg and Reuters also Zero Hedge)
  • Chinese bond troubles: the most data-manipulative country unable to sell bills for third time in two weeks (Bloomberg)
  • California budget talks collapse, junk downgrade approaching (Bloomberg)
  • Dismantling the Temple: How to fix the Fed (The Nation)
  • And no green shoots here either: Bank of America credit losses soar (Reuters)
  • Paul Krugman: The joy of Sachs (NYT)
  • Manhattan retail storefronts hit highest vacancy rates since 2001 (Bloomberg)
  • Larry Kellner, CEO of Continental Airlines to step down (AP)
  • From inflation targeting to price level targeting (Morgan Stanley)
  • CIT still fighting to stay out of bankruptcy (AP)
  • AIG swaps may take decades to expires leaving a "toxic pool" (Bloomberg)
  • The Long-Term budget outlook (CBO Blog, h/t Saul)
  • Steve Forbes: Washington still abusing the economy (Forbes)
  • Is China the next bubble? (Wells Fargo)
  • More PIMCO propaganda: Rising tide to choppy waters (PIMCO)
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