Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Aleynikov Code Dump Uncovered

Sergey Aleynikov's code dump page has been uncovered, courtesy of the Sergey Aleynikov Fan Club on Facebook. The site can be found here. Intrepid hackers, nascent program traders, Goldman lawyers and DHS lackeys should be all over this. As Zero Hedge will be out of pocket for the next few hours, it might make sense for a reader to create a mirror of the content as I have a sinking suspicion this Google page will be taken down faster than Tila Tequila's modesty.The Google Code linked wiki page is already responding with a 502 Server Error and it is odd that this page has not also been removed.

Among the projects on the Code site include:

The Erlang Plus Interface library (EPI) is a tool set of C++ classes to easily build applications in C++ what comunicates with Erlang. The intention of the library is to cover the holes that EI library offers:

  • An object oriented implementation
  • A simple API
  • Extensibility
  • Abstraction of comunication mechanism
  • Simplified management of incoming messages (mailboxes)
The Which Sergey was allegedly putting together in conjunction with user "Keymon."
There is also a sole sourced, undescribed project called Svnarchive, which links to a dead-end command line access viewer.
The biggest project is Erlocaml, described as a tight bridge between Erlang and OCaml. Listed project owners in addition to Sergey are Ulf.Wiger, Cyril.romain, Joelr1, and Chris.romain.
I hope some of our enterprising readers take the time to make some sense of all this code in my immediate absence. While the probability of a smoking gun contained here is marginal at best, strangers things have happened.
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