Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Frontrunning: July 1

  • CDS market investigated by U.S. Justice Department (Bloomberg)
  • Geithner says global economy faces setbacks (Bloomberg)
  • Budget deficit tops $1 trillion for first time ever, set to hit $2 trillion this fall (Wells Fargo and WSJ)
  • German investor confidence falls (Bloomberg)
  • BlackRock earns at least $71 million for managing taxpayer money (Bloomberg)
  • The CIA's had plans to assassinate Al Qaeda leaders (NYT)
  • Steve Rattner quits US Auto Task Force after showing how "quick and efficient" negotiations are to be done, to refocus on getting NY Pension Fund commitments for Quadrangle [I jest] (Bloomberg)
  • And he leaves just in time - NY AG probe of Rattner over kickbacks heats up (Reuters)
  • UK inflation falls below BOE's 2% target for first time since 2007 (BBC)
  • Socialist heatmapping lottery de jour: CIT (Bloomberg)
  • 450 most liquid CDS overnight movers (Markit)
  • The 0% tax rate solution (WSJ)
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